Residences designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


Located along the cliffs in Sydney's Vaucluse district, Bryant Hill is an exclusive lifestyle community just recently completed in 2014. Bryant Hill – designed by the world-renowned Hayden Collective, features luxury residences in a wide variety of styles, along with handy amenities like a poolhouse, café, and coworking space located on premises. Photography in this template courtesy of Shantanu Starick.



More than just a property, it's a community.


From the Blue Ridge Mountains to rolling vineyards; from Virginia Tech to flowing stream; Phillips Realestate has properties to meet whatever you're looking for. Contact us to see!




Rated one of the best cities for families

Blacksburg continues to be ranked as one of the best cities in the United States for families and those wanting to retire. Its combination of entertainment, family-friendly activities and scenery makes it an ideal place to live.  

Montgomery County

Room to explore the Blue Ridge

From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the running streams, Montgomery County is a scenic treasure in Southwest Virginia.  


Coworking Space

Assembly Sydney East

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Family Owned

The Foundry

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